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.. Be Seen ..

Cheat on your island to get to the top ten islands! This my singing monsters cheat will be seen by other users too. this means that when you add money and someone visits your island they can see how much money you have too. This does not allow them to notice that you cheated.

.. Discover ..

With this my singing monsters cheat you can now discover all maps and monsters that this game has. Let's face it, no one has time to actually get far enough to see all the monsters. The only way you can get that far is by cheating.

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The Perfect Cheat For You

Awesome cheat only available on
This my singing monster cheats will always be available. When it gets patched I will update it within 24hrs. This cheat has not been patched yet so I doubt they will any time soon.

Fully Campatible

Works on all devices!
This my singing monster cheat works perfectly for both Andriod and iOs. The two games are actually programmed completely different. Because of this you will need to download the specific program for your device.